About Us

<span>who</span> we are, <span>what</span> we do

who we are, what we do

INBOX VENTURES, a company that emerged from India with a motto to provide complete solutions for procurement, sourcing and product developments. The company is founded by a group of young entrepreneurs with core expertise in sourcing, supply chain, marketing, product development and negotiations. Inbox Ventures has strategically set up its offices in India and United Arab Emirates to serve clients across worldwide.

Inbox Venture have strong alliance with its suppliers and manufacturers from India, United Arab Emirates, China and Bangladesh, which gives us access to the wealth of knowledge and products. We have inherited our legacy from Indian Sub-Continent and is successfully carrying forward its principles and values into business ahead.

Our dedicated team of experts working around the clock to establish and maintain a reputation of honesty and integrity in dealing with customers, factories and suppliers which is the mainstay of our business, and also to offer a streamlined and synchronized business solution for all type of business requirements. Here we assure all our clients will benefit from our timely, reliable and professional services. We align all our actions to our core values, and we look for quality and perfection in all our endeavors. Our commitment to excellence, and the attitude of going an extra mile to deliver client satisfaction through the competition. Here we believe in the power of ‘innovation’, ‘teamwork’ and ‘inspiration’ - when put together success becomes a reality.

mission & Vision

Our mission is to be a strategic partner for the companies and support them for their growth. We want to be effective as well as the dynamic organization by developing networks in order to create an enduring value between our partners and customers. Quality and perfection are deeply embedded in our motto.

mission & Vision

Our vision is to pursuit of excellence in sourcing and distribution, trust in work, and experience in dealing with clients and customers. Our most valuable assets are a network of suppliers and customers, and a professional team that works with the goal to provide value-added services.